U-Tube Heat Exchanger

U-Tube Heat Exchanger of the big advantages of using a tube heat exchanger is that they are often easy to service, particularly with models where a floating tube bundle where the tube plates are not welded to the outer shell is available.

This makes construction much simpler and also be used on fixed tube sheet heat exchangers. U-Tube Heat Exchanger flow passages are welded at each side for this type of spiral heat exchanger. Units are usually mounted vertically when condensing vapour and mounted horizontally when handling high concentrations of solids.

U-Tube Heat Exchanger type of flow is suitable for handling low density gas, which passes through the cross flow, avoiding pressure loss. U-Tube Heat Exchanger are used for liquid-liquid, condensing and gas cooling applications.

U-Tube Heat Exchanger one fluid is in spiral flow and the other in a cross flow. Surface condensers in power plants are often 1-pass straight-tube heat exchangers see Surface condenser for diagram.

U-Tube Heat Exchanger and four pass designs are common because the fluid can enter and exit on the same side. It can be used for liquid-liquid applications if one liquid has a considerably greater flow rate than the other.


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