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The Plate heat exchanger used in a plate and frame heat exchanger are obtained by one piece pressing of metal plates. These troughs are arranged so that they interlink with the other plates which forms the channel with gaps. Welded, semi-welded and brazed heat exchangers are used for heat exchange between high-pressure fluids or where a more compact product is required.

The plate heat exchanger is a specialized design well suited to transferring heat between medium- and low-pressure fluids. The plates are often spaced by rubber sealing gaskets which are cemented into a section around the edge of the plates. In place of a pipe passing through a chamber, there are instead two alternating chambers, usually thin in depth, separated at their largest surface by a corrugated metal plate.

The Plate heat exchanger is a commonly used metal for the plates because of its ability to withstand high temperatures, its strength, and its corrosion resistance. The plates are pressed to form troughs at right angles to the direction of flow of the liquid which runs through the channels in the heat exchanger.


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