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Plate finned type Heat Exchanger Manufacturer INDIA

Plate finned type Heat Exchanger, Heat transfer between multiple process streams is also accommodated with a variety of fin heights and types as different entry and exit points available for each stream.Plate finned type Heat Exchanger of flexibility is present in plate-fin heat exchanger design as they can operate with any combination of gas, liquid, and two-phase fluids.

Plate finned type Heat Exchanger also serve to increase the structural integrity of the heat exchanger and allow it to withstand high pressures while providing an extended surface area for heat transfer. They also cannot be mechanically cleaned and require other cleaning procedures and proper filtration for operation with potentially-fouling streams. A disadvantage of plate-fin heat exchangers is that they are prone to fouling due to their small flow channels.

Plate finned type Heat Exchanger are plain, which refer to simple straight-finned triangular or rectangular designs herringbone, where the fins are placed sideways to provide a zig-zag path and serrated and perforated which refer to cuts and perforations in the fins to augment flow distribution and improve heat transfer.


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