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Marine Heat Exchangers Manufacturer INDIA

The Marine Heat Exchangers works by collecting sea water using extraction pumps which is delivered to the engine room situated in the basement floor of the building and passed through a heat exchanger.

Marine Heat Exchangers will supply or absorb the heat from the condensate seawater circuit depending on the building energy demand. Average operational conditions. Marine Heat Exchangers from the harbour is used for the pre-conditioning of shops, restaurants, working areas and special rooms as well as contributing to the ventilation of common areas and the car park. Marine Heat Exchangers centre in Barcelona is situated next to the Mediterranean Sea.

Marine Heat Exchangers reduces the overall heat loss in cold waters. Heat exchangers are also present in the tongue of baleen whales as large volumes of water flow through their mouths. Marine Heat Exchangers birds use a similar system to limit heat losses from their body through their legs into the water.


Marine Heat Exchangers