Air cooled Condensation system

Air cooled condenser is a heat-exchange system. Conversely, the vapour can be fed through the tubes with the coolant water or air flowing around the outside. Air cooled condenser, the coolant flows through the tube side and distilled vapor through the shell side with distillate collecting at or flowing out the bottom.Air cooled condenser are also used in industrial-scale distillation processes to cool distilled vapor into liquid distillate.

Air cooled flows through the tube side and the steam enters the shell side where the condensation occurs on the outside of the heat transfer tubes. The condensate drips down and collects at the bottom, often in a built-in pan called a hotwell. It is a shell and tube heat exchanger installed at the outlet of every steam turbine in thermal power stations. The shell side often operates at a vacuum or partial vacuum, often produced by attached air ejectors.


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